Vegan Friendly Options

Vegan Friendly

Some of our menu items are available as vegan options. Our vegetarian and vegan friendly dishes can be customized to suit your taste. Check the Specials of the day, too!

Raw Food

Almost every day at Simon’s we are able to have a Raw Food Option, this Raw Lasagne has no animal products so is made purely with vegetables and nuts, so creative. Raw Food



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  1. can u please send me the prices and types of java dawg, decaf coffee I can order again from u, how about the special one only at xmas time thank you

  2. Attended the raw lasagna cooking class with Chef Mike last Friday – loved it! For anyone that has not tried that dish I suggest you do, it is absolutely delicious.

    • Sorry for the tardy response. We have so many top sellers but to name one we would say the “Tex Mex burger”. Every day we handcraft black bean burgers from fresh cut vegetables, black beans and floured oats. Our burger bun is made fresh every morning by our baker friends two doors down. We strive to bring fresh whole food so every ingredient is of highest quality. He Tex mex burger is a black bean patty topped with pepper jack cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion and vegannaise on an artisan focaccia bun. Thank you and excuse us again for the tardy response.

    • Hi sue yes we do and have a deli fridge stocked with in house prepared delights ,we prepare 6 different soups a day plus many special casseroles and roast our own meats and vegetarian vegan specialities. Thanks Simon

  3. Hello Simons from Holly & Nathan in Buffalo. Please please please come open a place up here!! We miss your fabulous food, exceptional staff and great atmosphere. Do you deliver to Buffalo? Hope to see you sooner than later. All our best, Nathan and Holly MacFadyen

  4. Are you on Instagram? I’ve been looking for your Instagram and cannot find it. If not, that is so unfortunate. You have such amazing food. Your Instagram could be fire! Hope you consider putting one up. People are already hashtagging food from your coffee house on Instagram. Everyone else should know about Simon’s; your food is incredible!

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